Podcast Checklist

List of my recommended podcasts. Business Startups for the Rest of Us http://www.startupsfortherestofus.com Product Product People http://www.productpeople.tv Art of Product http://artofproductpodcast.com    

Startup Checklist

Here is a list of services that I am using, and would recommend for other startups to get up and running as fast as can be. Business Privacy Policies and Terms of Use https://termly.io Development Authentication https://auth0.com Media Storage/Manipulation https://cloudinary.com Hosting https://azure.com Design Bootstrap https://getbootstrap.com Logo/Brand Creation https://99designs.com


I have started using the jQuery plugin easyMDE as my defacto Markdown Editor https://github.com/Ionaru/easy-markdown-editor, which is a fork of simpleMDE https://github.com/sparksuite/simplemde-markdown-editor, which hasn’t been updated in over two years. Anyway … I was able to get it easily implemented on a Create operation, but the Edit operation didn’t render the text correctly. My solution was to include…

JSON Web Tokens

This site https://jwt.io is a great resource to view the contents of a JSON Web Token. I was having problems with a token complaining that it was not valid, only to discover that, for some reason, I was receiving an outdated or expired token. So I took the expiration value and converted it to a…

React and Environment Variables

Create-react-app 1.0.0 added support for automatically reading configuration files for the three pre-defined environments: development, test, and production. As before, default (lowest priority) values may be defined in .env, and the value of NODE_ENV is set automatically based on the script used: start → development test → test build → production The 1.0.0 release adds…